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Sermon On The Flats: The Egalitarian Alternative To Fortune Worship

Iím a substitute teacher in a large American city, mostly at inner-city schools. Probably because the students are all about the same age and, except for the few who work minimum wage jobs, are equally without income, occasionally (and cautiously for fear the school authorities will suspect my subversion) Iím able to imagine a classless, egalitarian community with sufficient vividness to convince myself as well as my students that what I have merely imagined has actually come to pass, namely, that the students seated before me and I have somehow dissolved the world of rank and social status that hamstrings our attempts to deal fairly with each other and, along with everyone else, cooperatively own the global enterprise called life on earth. For several minutes the class and I exist in a state of trance. I present my case so simply and eloquently to them that I cannot believe it is I who speaks. And they on their part listen and respond so generously and articulately that they cannot believe it is they who attend. And although our camaraderie is transient and unconsecrated no one leaves the room without feeling that for a few moments we attained a high spiritual state.

That I can invoke a few moments of classless society by merely imagining it gives me a glimmer of hope that the various social, political and economic institutions all of us create in order to tolerate living together are shaped by different spiritual ultimatums we deliver to ourselves from which we imagine there is no appeal. That means to me that however massive its public edifices; however myriad the megatons of brick and marble, granite and concrete that reify the political state and make it a colossus, the entire conglomeration floats precariously inside a bubble of faith such that should the bubble burst, the state turns to rubble. Sermon On The Flats is my attempt to prick that bubble. Read more


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This links to Chapter 1 of J. W. Smith's book, "World's Wasted Wealth II".

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