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The Installation of the AEM's Egalitarian Constitution will be Relatively Painless for Everybody

A few aspects of the AEM's Egalitarian society may give the impression that certain groups of people have something to be seriously concerned about (e.g. the wealthy, and those workers in industries that will cease or be reduced), particularly during the installation period, but we would like to assure you all that there is nothing to fear. The AEM tries to be accommodating, as you will see when we discuss what we intend to do in relation to each of these groups of people.

The main reason why the installation of this new constitution will be relatively painless for everybody is because the AEM focuses upon stopping the reproduction of social problems rather than attempting to punish the citizens, workers, victims, or the beneficiaries of social changes or social problems (including elitism) created by the contemporary constitution and society.

However, what you all must realise is that the AEM wants Egalitarianism to spread, and to spread as fast as possible, but it won't spread very far if we give our existing elites (and their families) a hard time, or leave those reliable and hard working people whose industries have been dropped or reduced, out of work or socially disadvantaged. The AEM intends to showcase Australia to the world, and how we are seen to handle these issues by international observers will provide a big boost to our very peaceful campaign of spreading Egalitarianism beyond Australia.

Note: the information below is set against our tentative plan for the installation of the AEM's Egalitarian Constitution, which allows the citizens of Australia the opportunity to jump off Egalitarianism in 5 years and again in 15 years after it has been introduced. There will be other opportunities after this to change back to capitalism (or to try something else), but after 15 years we will consider that Egalitarianism is here to stay, and its installation will proceed to the next level. See our 'What the AEM is Tentatively Asking the Australian People to Agree to' web page for details.

The Elite

One group of people who will be particularly happy about this policy are the wealthy. That is, we do not intend to take away the wealth of wealthy people, or anybody else. The AEM has no axe to grind, and has no intention of punishing those people who have done what is sensible to do, and what they are encouraged and supposed to do as part of the process of being considered a success within the context of the democratic-capitalist society. We will always assume (whether it be true or not) that you have worked extremely hard and long for much of your life, to get what you have (even if you tell us otherwise). Therefore, the AEM would be unnecessarily malicious to take your wealth away, and to allow all your hard work to amount to nothing. Further, the AEM's Egalitarian government doesn't actually need to take your wealth away from you because, other than the property you possess, all your wealth is held within the federal treasury, where the state can use it to finance projects, just as commercial banks currently do.

While the AEM strongly objects to inheritance, it also realises that the children of elite citizens have also become accustomed to living within an elite environment and, until the AEM showed up, had every expectation of continuing to. For this reason, we allow elite citizens to pass on a limited inheritance to any children or grandchildren, who are over the age of 3 years old when the AEM takes government.

However, while we won't take your wealth away from you, generating such high incomes will no longer be possible. Also, because all businesses and companies will be run by the state, and because all the profits from these companies will go to the state, the AEM and the current owners of companies have several options they can take when sorting out these takeovers (See the section, 'Citizens who own Companies [and Businesses]', further down this page).

People who are Currently Receiving a High Wage

People who are currently receiving a high wage may continue to receive a scaled down, but higher wage than other workers. However, this cannot be guaranteed for everybody who currently receives a higher wage as certain high paying jobs will no longer be required within the AEM's Egalitarian society. Also, higher wages are less likely to be maintained when we develop an oversupply of willing people (brought about by changing to Egalitarianism) who are willing to do these high paying jobs for equal wages. Further, continuing to receive a higher wage is unlikely when people change jobs.

All Australian Citizens with Possessions

The money that you have saved in your bank accounts will continue to be yours, but it will now be held within the state's bank. Any possessions you own (not including businesses) will continue to be yours unless you choose to sell up to the state.

You can also choose to recoup your money for any items that you have partly paid off at the time when the AEM wins government, or you can continue to pay them off. In the Egalitarian society, most re-usable items are rented, but if you choose to keep what you own or are paying off, you will not be required to also pay rent on these items. However, if you choose to sell your items back to the state or claim back your investment, you will now start paying rent on these items, if you still wish to enjoy them.

Citizens Who Own Their Homes

If you (of the existing population) happen to own (or partly own) your home when the AEM takes government, it's remains all yours to own or to continue paying off, and you do not pay rent, for as long as you continue to (partly)own it, until you die. You can sell your home to the state at any time, but we don't recommend this within the first 15 years, unless it is more practical for you to do so, because it will be worth less than half of what you paid for it within the Egalitarian society. While there is not meant to be any economic advantage to be gained by selling or not selling earlier or later, you may live to regret selling up in 5 or 15 years time, if the country is silly enough to revert back to democratic-capitalism. You should be aware that renting and buying a home in the AEM's Egalitarian society will be much cheaper than buying or renting a home in the contemporary capitalist society.

If and when you do decide to sell your homes to the state, you will be required to pay rent for the residences you occupy from then on. This rent will be automatically deducted from your pays. You will not be required to move out of the homes you have sold to the state unless you choose to.

Australian Citizens who Currently Own (or Partly Own) Companies (or Businesses)

Australian citizens who own, or partly own companies within and outside of Australia can choose from two options in relation to how the state will take over the management of these companies (although the AEM is prepared to consider other options).

  • To make life easier for the new Egalitarian government, the AEM would prefer that the owners and part owners of Australian-owned companies sell their companies (or their shares) to the state for its current market value.
  • Owners and part owners can also choose to hold onto their investments, but one will be unable to earn an income from the surplus that these companies generate. This surplus now goes to the state, as does the cost of running the company. The object of this strategy (for the owner of the business) is to take advantage of the possible or predicted fall of Egalitarianism. That is, holding onto one's ownership or part ownership of a company will leave one in a prime position to recommence one's economic plunder should democratic-capitalism be returned in 5 or 15 years time. And if your competitors have sold up already, one could even corner the market for some time, in a time of boom. However, when Egalitarianism is re-elected after the first 15 years, the state will automatically buy your business for the same price that you were originally offered.

We do not offer this deal to the owners of companies that are in industries that are about to be made redundant, although you will be fairly compensated for any usable assets the company holds. For those who own companies in industries that are about to be reduced, you will be offered a reduced price for your company plus be fairly compensated for any usable assets.

The value of the ownership or part ownership of companies (but not the companies themselves) can be included within the limited inheritance of one's children or grandchildren who are born before the AEM forms government.

Those Workers Caught in our Occupational Upheavals

Even though some industries are going to be reduced or made redundant, if you are one of those workers who become temporarily displaced (vocationally), and if you have not yet being relocated within the workforce, you can look forward to being on full pay until we do find something appropriate for you.

Addicts to Substances

It is impossible for black markets to exist within the AEM's Egalitarian society because money cannot be transferred from one person to another. Currently, there are perhaps millions of Australian addicts, who have only the black market to rely upon. The AEM realises that addiction is a social problem, unlike our contemporary political policies which point the blame at the individual, the addict, the victim. Currently, in spite of the hardships we enforce upon our addicts, we continue to create more addicts, because by blaming the individual, we are not changing what our society is doing to create new addicts. We are literally ignoring the social processes that lead to yet another person becoming addicted. Part of the process of stopping the continuing development of new addicts is to treat addiction as the social and medical problem that it, and then to take responsibility for it and the victims of it. As such, The AEM's Egalitarian state will sell addictive substances to existing addicts as medicines, which, like other medicines, are not to be shared with anybody else. You will require a subscription from a doctor, and you will purchase them from the chemist. All such additive substance will be affordable.

People Involved in Black-Markets and Organised Crime

If you are a part of a black-market or any other form of organised crime, the AEM bares you no malice. It could be argued that you have a right to exist within any materially stratified society, rather than to accept being materially and socially disadvantaged for invalid reasons. Any wealth you have accumulated is yours to keep, and if you have enough, a sizable percentage of it is yours to pass on to your children, as with other elites.

Anybody Else

There are no doubt many other people who may suspect that they are about to loose something by going into Egalitarianism, but before you assume it to be so, it is worth contacting the AEM, or having your representative contact the AEM to find out for sure. The chances are that it is not true, and we don't mind signing statements (at this time) confirming that you will not loose what you think you might, and we will of course regard such enquiries as highly confidential (even though we may discuss such agreements with the public, without revealing your identity, so that other people with similar concerns can also breath easily).


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