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We encourage and plead with all Egalitarianists (and those who see the sense in what the AEM is proposing) to become members of the AEM, even if you are not sure about some of our policies because currently, there are no other political organisations representing Egalitarianism (that we know of). Politically therefore, Egalitarianists do not exist, even though there are many of you out there. If this continues, rationalisations supporting Egalitarianism, and the many benefits derived by becoming an Egalitarian society will never be heard about by the public (let alone voted upon), and nor will the arguments negating the validity of elitism/capitalism. This of course is the plan. The road to becoming heard by the public, and educating the public, requires possibly billions of dollars, but here in the AEM, you can register your support for Egalitarianism for absolutely nothing, and with complete confidentiality, and be able to know that the public and politicians know that there is a certain number of people who support Egalitarianism in general. And the more we grow in number, the more influence we will bare of the laws and policies produced by vote-seeking politicians. That is, it doesn't matter whether or not you believe that the AEM will succeed in changing the constitution to Egalitarianism, as an Egalitarianist, you are a member of a social group, and just by uniting together as do other social groups (e.g. pensioners, consumers, employers), you will have influence in shaping laws and policies, just as these other social groups do. For example, the gap between the rich and the poor may gradually decrease as the number of Egalitarianists increase, which would also be looked upon by many people who support capitalism, as being a good thing.

Apply for Membership

International Members
The AEM also accepts international members and donations. Generally, there are no political organisations specifically representing Egalitarianism anywhere in the world. The credibility that will be achieved by a successful Egalitarian culture being established in Australia will serve to develop support for Egalitarianism in all democratic societies.  

Complete Privacy
The personal and address details of members are regarded as strictly confidential and unless required by a criminal investigation, are not available for inspection by the public or any government body. Your details will also not be used, for such things as being placed on an automatic emailing list (See our Privacy Policy Statement).

Your membership will commence from the date that your application is approved, at which time you will receive a confirmation of your membership, and our humble gratitude by mail or e-mail (whichever you prefer). Unless the AEM begins to charge a membership fee, your membership will remain active, unless you request it to be cancelled. Should the AEM decide to implement a membership fee in the future, your membership will remain active until the date you were approved as a member next occurs. In such a case, you will receive a 'Membership Renewal Form' one month before your current membership expires. You will also receive notices for any general meetings we conduct.

Political Intentions
If you wish, you could also be amongst the 500 Australian members of the AEM whose details will be submitted to the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) as part of the process of registering the AEM as a political party. If so, your name and personal details will still not be available for public viewing and be regarded by the AEC as highly confidential. Upon the AEM becoming a registered political party, your membership will automatically transfer to the party. Prior to this however, you will need to sign and date a membership form that is approved by the AEC. So don't hold back, take your place in history by being amongst the founding members of the constitutional movement that will change the world forever for the better.

We believe that Egalitarianism already has widespread support throughout the world and we want these people to find us, so please tell your friends, family, and fellow workers about the AEM and our website.


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