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Welcome to the 
Australian Egalitarian Movement's (AEM's) Website

Representing Social & Economic Equality, or Anti-elitism, including Anti-capitalism

At last, Egalitarianists can unite and begin to gain a political voice within society

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Within this website, we explain....

  • how Egalitarianism serves to quickly solve many of our social, environmental, ecological, and economic problems, and how elitism, and particularly capitalism serves to create these problems;
  • how all elitist societies develop through abuse of power (i.e. institutionalised corruption); and why they are completely unnecessary; 
  • why Egalitarianism is rational, fair, and just, and why it can also out compete capitalist societies economically, technologically, and in the quality of goods and services;
  • how the AEM intends to achieve and maintain Egalitarianism, how the AEM's Egalitarian economy works, and how easy it is for everyone to understand (unlike the capitalist economy);
  • the many reasons why the AEM's Egalitarian culture will be a much more pleasurable and rewarding alternative for its citizens and descendants;
  • why the change to the AEM's Egalitarian Constitution will be relatively painless for everybody, including our existing elite;
  • what the AEM means by Egalitarianism; and
  • much more, including our other major political and social policies/philosophies.

Before we set about the task of trying to justify the sensibility of Egalitarianism, we thought it might be sensible to first show you just some of the amazing benefits that are created by becoming and Egalitarian society (See the list below).

It should be mentioned however, that not all of these benefits are created by Egalitarianism alone. That is, the AEM incorporates many new ideas into it's policies to make Egalitarianism work and remain incorruptible. Find out more by visiting the links indexed on our our 'Major Policies' web page. These links lead to web pages that briefly discuss and explain our reasoning for each policy, as well as provide arguments against elitist societies in general, and particularly against our contemporary capitalist society.

Just Some of the Amazing Social, Environmental, Ecological, and Economic Benefits that the AEM Guarantees to Achieve within the Time Frames Indicated, Upon Changing the Constitution to Egalitarianism

This list does not explain how we achieve such impressive results, so you may be doubtful, but the answers to most of your questions can be found somewhere within this website, so take the time to investigate it and educate yourself at the same time. Certain benefits may serve to make some groups of people or workers very concerned, but you need not worry (See our 'The Installation of the AEM's Egalitarian Constitution will be Relatively Painless for Everybody' web page). 

Within 24 hours

  • No involuntary homelessness (This 24 hour time frame does not apply to people who are living in extremely remote regions).
  • No hunger.

Within 1 month

  • No income taxes or levies, and no tax returns.
  • No licensing fees (of any sort).
  • No insurance bills (of any sort, although people may need to pay excess, and penalties will apply for people who are reckless with property).
  • No new addicts to substances (e.g. nicotine, heroin). This will be achieved without needing to punish, detrimentally affect, or socially outcast the existing addicted population.
  • No car registration fees.
  • Up to a 90% saving in the costs associated with domestic advertising and marketing.
  • Any socially or economically beneficial technology, system, or invention, etc, produced by Australian people will be financed and developed by the state (i.e. not offshore).
  • Land clearing will almost cease.

Within 3 months

  • No banks, financial institutions, or insurance companies other than a national bank (which alone will save the nation over $25 Billion annually).
  • Only plastic money (i.e. consumer cards).
  • No more deliberate overcharging or rip-offs.
  • No more confidence artists.
  • No more black markets.
  • No more organised crime.
  • The release and processing of most prisoners associated with non-violent property crimes, non-payment of fines, illegal drug use (as these social problems will no longer be an issue within the AEM's Egalitarian society).
  • No young adults entering the workforce will ever experience unemployment.
  • No longer need to fear being made redundant by new technological advancements, downsizing, environmental concerns, or changes to the constitution. We will always find another suitable job for you (usually long before the job or industry ceases).
  • Basic economic security for all.
  • No more need for domestic charities. The Egalitarian state takes care of everybody.
  • Individuals and families will no longer bare the costs of natural disasters, the reclaiming of land, or sickness.
  • No new workers' compensation disputes, because it is the state's responsibility to fund everybody's medical and recuperation costs, no mater where we are injured.
  • No wage disputes.

Within 1 year

  • No education fees (from preschool to postgraduate studies).
  • Free health and dental care for all children and adults (limitations may apply after retirement), and free ambulance service.
  • No personal debts (because there is no credit available, and there is no need for credit), except for those people who choose to continue paying off items that were bought prior to the AEM winning government).
  • Up to a 95% reduction in property crime.
  • No more corruption.
  • A vehicle will be easily affordable for any full-time worker, and vehicle maintenance will be free. 
  • Free 24-hour childcare service for working parents, and free after hours childcare (up to a standard amount).
  • Those people (who are willing) who are over 45 and employed in physically demanding occupations will be provided the opportunity to do non-physical work for over 50% of the working week.
  • Future divorce settlements will no longer be required in relation to material assets.  
  • No more disputes associated with non-payment of child support. 

Within 5 years

  • A large increase in funding and staffing of educational and preschool institutions (with a big focus on evening up the representation of both genders in all areas of education and child care).
  • A much more people-friendly workplace.
  • Physiotherapy will be provided to all workers at or near the workplace.
  • The provision of extensive resources, which allow anybody to publicly challenge the state on any issue.
  • A reduction in the consumption and exportation of non-renewable resources.
  • Major inroads into ecological and environmental restoration.
  • Sizable reductions in legal disputes.
  • Substantially less need for law enforcement services.
  • Multi-occupations (i.e. your working day, week, and year can be divided into quite different occupations, including physical and non-physical labour).
  • Much of the foreign owned businesses and land within Australia will have been bought back.

As you will see when you read our other web pages, there are many other benefits to be had by becoming an Egalitarian society, and you will be happy to learn that we will not borrow any money to achieve any of them, and never will. In fact, after we pay off the debts that have been created by our capitalist society and by changing to an Egalitarian society, we expect that our economy will improve dramatically.  

Most people seem to believe that social problems such as (long-term) unemployment, occupational insecurity, property crimes, corruption, (child) homelessness, substance addictions, poverty, and aboriginal poverty, are inevitable facts of life. We in the AEM, declare that all these social problems are created by elitism because elitism is socially dysfunctional.

Many people assume that Egalitarianism is not possible, or believe that it is unfair to certain people, or that it will hinder technological advancement, or that it will only be possible in the distant future when our technology is so advanced that material wants are no longer a concern. The existence of the AEM indicates that we have also concluded otherwise. Further, even if Egalitarianism is unfair to certain people (which it isn't), it seems as though it is worth being unfair to these people when you consider the incredible array of social and other benefits that are created by becoming an Egalitarian society. Being treated the same as everybody else doesn't seem to be too unfair to us. In fact, it seems like a silly argument when you consider how much unfairness the contemporary capitalist constitution creates and how severely one can be disadvantaged by this unfairness. 

Unfortunately, understanding why elitism is invalid, unnecessary, and socially dysfunctional, and why Egalitarianism is a much superior form of social organisation, requires more than a quick statement or analogy: it requires a complete re-education, which we begin to provide within this website.     

So, come on in, and find out what good culture and good leadership entails, but better yet, become a member of the AEM and help prevent the bleak future that capitalism is creating for Australia and the rest of the world.


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