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The AEM Replies to Common Questions about, and Criticisms of Egalitarianism

Lazy Workers Will Be Paid Just as Much as Everybody Else

The Hardest Workers Will Be Ripped Off By Egalitarianism

Why Would Anybody Train to Become a Lawyer When They Will be Paid Just as Much to Be a Bus Driver?  Also see our The Capitalist Scam (Part 3) web page.

Egalitarian defies nature because The Strong Dominating the Weak is the Natural Order of Things.

The Promise of Wealth Drives Technological Development and Serves to Improve Products and Services. See the section titled 'Technological Advances' in our The Capitalist Scam (Part 2) web page.

Competition in the Marketplace Serves to Improve Products and Services and Reduce Prices. See the section titled 'Cheaper Prices' in our The Capitalist Scam (Part 2) web page.  

Is the AEM Really a Communist Organisation?; and Because of Certain Similarities in the Economies of Communist Societies and the AEMís Egalitarian Society, Does the Economic Collapse of Communist Russia Reflect upon the Credibility of the AEMís Egalitarian Economy? 

How Are Elitist Political Parties Handled within the AEM's Egalitarian Society?

Having No Cash and No Credit Schemes may be Unpopular Policies because People Like Giving and Receiving Cash, and People May Need to Borrow Money, Especially If They Exhaust Their Savings

Will Spending be Limited within the AEM's Egalitarian Society

Not Being Able to Own the Things We Rent Will Make it Illegal for the User to Modify or Recreate these Assets

How Will You Determine the Value of the Australian Dollar in the AEM's Cashless Egalitarian Society

If There is No Cash, How Do We Function within the Global Marketplace?

Does Social Equality Include Equal Choice, and if so, Are Gay Marriages & Abortions Allowable within the AEM's Egalitarian Society, Or Are Such Issues Determined by Voting, and if so, Won't Such Issues Continue to be Influenced by People's Religious Beliefs?

How Does the AEM's Egalitarian Society Deal With The Media? Will It Be Abolished? Are All People, Including Celebrities, Entitled to Privacy?


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