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Current Affairs

This page is dedicated to explaining how the AEM's Egalitarian society deals with issues that have been recently receiving media and political attention. Many of these issue however, are usually discussed in more detail somewhere on this website.     

The Global Recession

Within the AEM's Egalitarian Australia, global recessions and depressions will have a much smaller impact upon the lives of its citizens and the economy. There are several reasons for this. First, everyone remains employed, which keeps the domestic economy functions as per normal. Second, we will be gradually creating a culture and an economy that is less dependent upon trade to survive. Third, while the export industry will undoubtedly be affected, the Egalitarian state is able to regulate imports in relation to exports, and therefore we can easily cut back or increase imports or exports in relation to how well or poorly the domestic and the international economies are doing. Forth, Australia will be fully owned by its citizens, which means that the value of all of our companies will not be influenced by the stockmarket. Fifth, the Australian dollar will be regulated, and not floated within the money market. Six, credit crated this latest global recession, and there is no credit within the AEM's Egalitarian society, and nor will you need it (See the EAM's Egalitarian Economy web page). Seventh, if there were a reason to provide credit, it would be provided by the state and not international lenders. 

Carbon Emissions Trading

Within our contemporary capitalist societies, the greatest barrier to preventing the reduction of carbon emissions is not a shortage of low-carbon technologies, but because the state leaves the responsibility and the costs of reducing carbon emissions up to the owners and shareholder of businesses and the citizens. This is why governments are forced to create economic disincentives in order to persuade businesses and citizens to reduce their carbon emissions. As such, a carbon emissions trading scheme is resisted by many.

Carbon emissions trading is not an issue that will affect the citizens within the AEM's Egalitarian society because reducing carbon emissions is the state's responsibility to solve and the state's cost to bear. That is, it is the state that must develop and install technologies that serve to reduce our nation's carbon emissions, because the state owns all businesses and supplies all available products to its citizens. See the section below, titled "Global Warming" for some idea about what the AEM hopes to achieve in relation to the reduction of carbon emissions and our reliance upon non-renewable forms of energy and resources.

Interest Rates on Housing Loans

It is an indictment against capitalism when our economy is said to be booming, but we are unable to raise wages or pensions (that need to be raised because they have not kept up with inflation, regardless of oil prices) because it will serve to increase inflation, which will serve to increase interest rates, which will put more economic pressure on home buyers and other borrowers. This situation is exasperated further by our growing dependence upon credit to survive. If these are the good times, let's hope our economy doesn't wane. The fact is, we are on a downward spiral and there is no way back up. Things are only going to get worse. This is where capitalism leads you, and the citizens of Australia may finally be just starting to realise it.

Within the AEM's Egalitarian society, interest rates become a redundant issue because there is no credit. See our 'The AEM's Egalitarian Economy' to gather a better understanding about how the AEM Egalitarian economy works.  

Rising House Prices and Property Rental Prices

House and rent prices within the AEM's Egalitarian economy will always remain low and uninfluenced by inflation, because the people who run the country have to live on the same wage and pay the same prices as everyone else.


Homelessness is said to have doubled during the 12 year reign of the Liberal government. There is also many more people relying on family and friends, or living in emergency accommodation, overcrowded conditions, tents, or home garages etc. That this is occurring in a time of economic affluence is extremely disturbing. Within our capitalist society, there appears to be no real solution to this problem in sight. It also tends to make a lie out of the Liberal Party's claim that when businesses are doing well, so is the society.

As mentioned on our home page, the AEM believes that it can stop all homelessness within 24 hours of taking control of the state, not including those people who are living in remote regions. Our plan is to find or supply temporary and motel accommodation until we find or build homes for the homeless to live in. 

Shortage of Doctors within Public Hospitals

Ironically, there are no shortages of doctors within private hospitals. Thanks once again to the Liberal government, funding for public healthcare has been deliberately decreased in order to promote and support private healthcare.

In the AEM's Egalitarian society, all citizens can consider themselves to have free private healthcare cover.

Global Warming

The main contributors to global warming are the burning of fossil fuels and land clearing. Upon taking control of the state, the AEM will immediately begin the process of winding down all coal fire power stations as it begins the construction of renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and tidal electric power stations. It is hoped that coal fire power stations will be eliminated within 10 years. It is also hoped that all fossil fuel burning vehicles will be replaced by electric powered vehicles within 15 years.

All new homes and buildings will incorporate the latest energy efficiency technologies, and many existing properties will be upgraded to be more energy efficient.

Most land clearing will cease, and tree planting will begin in earnest for four main reasons (although there are other reasons). First, to combat the effects of global warming caused by carbon emissions. Second, to restore more natural habitats for our native fauna. Third, to provide for industrial applications for renewable timber products in preference to using non-renewable metals in the construction of many products. Forth, to stop relying upon imported timber for our housing needs (much of which comes from the illegal timber industry). 

Struggling on the Pension

Currently, pensioners, particularly those who rent, are struggling to survive economically. Because pensions are a governmental expense, this problem is never going to go away within our capitalist society. In the AEM's Egalitarian society, those who run the state, live on the same wage that you do and face the same retirement conditions that you do. This guarantees that life for all retired citizens (and all other citizens) will never be economically stressful. 

Increasing Food Prices and Insufficient Wages

As just mentioned, in the AEM's Egalitarian society, those who run the state, live on the same wage that you do. They also pay the same prices that you do, and therefore you can be assured that you will always be able to afford a comfortable standard of living, no mater how expensive food prices become. However, if you read 'The AEM's Egalitarian Economy', you will see that inflation virtually stops within the AEM's Egalitarian society, and therefore rising prices is not an issue that will ever concern you.

Increasing Petrol Prices

Unfortunately, this is not a problem that anybody can solve due to the diminishing supply of oil, and as you already know, the problem is only going to get worse. The solution then, is to stop using vehicles that use fossil fuels. As mentioned earlier, this is something that the AEM hopes to achieve within the first 15 years of taking control of the society. This also serves to reduce global warming, and it also stops the nation's heavy and expensive reliance upon imported oil.

This problem could have been solved many years ago, and it is actually capitalism that has served to prevent this technological change and development from occurring, because the oil and petrol industries serve to make individuals rich and provide lots of revenue for governments. Further, we need to rely upon the owners and shareholders of privately owned business to provide new types of vehicles and the wide-spread infrastructure required to power these vehicles. The costs involved as well as the knowledge that the majority of consumers are not be able to afford to change to new vehicles at a fast rate serves to make such ventures economically unviable for many years, and privately owned companies, particularly share held companies, are reluctant to invest in such projects when it will serve to decrease profits and share prices for this period. Further, consumers, particularly low paid consumers, resist change because they must bear the costs of buying new vehicles. In the AEM's Egalitarian society, this change in vehicles and infrastructure becomes the responsibility of the state (not privately owned businesses) and therefore change happens quickly because it is in the state's economic interests to do so, unlike in our capitalist society where government revenue is lost by the lack of consumption of oil based products. Also, in the AEM's Egalitarian society, everybody rents their vehicles from the state, and therefore we do not rely upon consumers to have enough money to change to new vehicles. Another issue within the capitalist society that helps resist change is that many workers lose their livelihoods when these industries and their jobs become redundant, thus adding to unemployment growth. As such, the workers resist the collapse of the industries they work in and so do governments. In the AEM's Egalitarian society, there is no unemployment and it is the state's responsibility to find suitable new jobs for you when the industry you work in closes down.    


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