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Our Mission

The broader objective of the AEM is to create a new Egalitarian culture....  

  • in which all citizens have far less need to be concerned about.... 
    • money and the endless issues relating to it;
    • social inequality;
    • unemployment; 
    • inadequate social services;
    • laws and policies that serve to advantage the privileged few.
  • which is far more.... 
    • valid; 
    • sustainable; 
    • economically, socially, and environmentally responsible;
    • responsible in its usage of non-renewable and water resources; 
    • fulfilling for its citizens; 
    • uncorrupted; 
    • care free;
    • tolerant,
    • open in the way it is administered; 
    • compassionate; 
    • and just; and 
  • of which the citizens are 
    • motivated to participate within; and
    • grateful and proud to pass on to their descendants. 

These are very measurable criteria. As we demonstrate on our other web pages, they are outcomes that can never be possible within any elitist or economically stratified society, because socially dysfunctional and invalid social structures will always produce social (and other) problems. We conclude that these outcomes are only achievable by becoming an Egalitarian society, the reasons for which you can also read about on our other web pages. 

Therefore, to achieve these objectives, our immediate major objective is....  

  • to peacefully change the constitution of Australia to an Egalitarian one as soon as possible. 

However, peacefully changing the constitution of Australia will require the AEM to eventually becoming a political party, and gaining an absolute majority in both houses of parliament.

Until then, the major goals of the AEM are.... 

  • to provide an institution within which Egalitarianists can unite (nationally and internationally) and discuss ideas about Egalitarianism; 
  • to provide Egalitarianists with a public voice within the political arena; 
  • to create public support and appreciation for Egalitarianism by educating the public about the social, environmental, and economic benefits that are gained by becoming an Egalitarian society; 
  • to create public support and appreciation for Egalitarianism by educating the public about the invalidity, irrationality, and needlessness of all materially, economically, and/or socially stratified societies, including capitalism; 
  • to increase the membership of the AEM;  
  • to raise money for the AEM's mission; 
  • to create public disapproval and resentment towards capitalism and the social, environmental, and economic problems it creates; and   
  • to put forward a workable model of an Egalitarian society and economy.

Other Important Objectives

It is probably true to say that the AEM is here to challenge almost every aspect of our contemporary constitution and culture in one way or another, particularly since much of it was shaped by economic rationalism, short-sightedness, corruption, and the self-interest and distrust that capitalism continually inspires. So, the AEM also has the objective of installing a range of policies, which are quite different to what exists now, and which are found on our 'Major Policies' web page. These policies are associated with such issues as.... 

  • maintaining Egalitarianism; 
  • preventing corruption, organised crime, illegal immigration, and black markets; 
  • preventing the reproduction of a large range of social problems; 
  • reducing over-consumption and exportation of non-renewable resources, and increasing our usage of renewable resources; 
  • solving the serious problems associated with the contemporary version of democracy; 
  • protecting our natural environment and native species; 
  • more responsible management of our water resources; 
  • reducing pollution; 
  • reducing our dependency on trade; 
  • maintaining full employment; 
  • providing more variety in your working day/week; 
  • providing free social services such as education, healthcare, child care, and legal representation;  
  • increasing research and development; 
  • ending the need for tax; 
  • making everybody economically autonomous; 
  • preventing foreign and trade debts; 
  • making the change to Egalitarianism relatively painless for everybody; 
  • improving the nation's efficiency and administration; and 
  • simplifying and improving the nation's economy. 

The bigger objective of the AEM is to convert as many other nations as possible to Egalitarianism

Our plan is to demonstrate to the world just how successful Egalitarianism is in Australia (i.e. after Egalitarianism has been installed). We believe that it will be very difficult for any capitalist party to win a democratic election against a party that is offering a similar model to what the AEM has used, when the people of these countries are able to see just how good and safe life is for everybody within an Egalitarian Australian.  


So let's hear from you soon. 

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