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The AEM's Egalitarianism - Major Policies

In concluding that all forms of elitism are invalid forms of social organisation, and in being compelled to end and prevent institutionalised abuse, and to be honest and fair, and in viewing elitism as a social problem from which many other social problems stem: we have assembled a package of policies (and explanations) that will we believe will serve to create and maintain an Egalitarian culture as well as rid us of, or radically reduce the majority of our social problems. We also believe we can achieve this in a manner that is relatively painless for everybody. These policies are the end product of much deliberation, education, and problem solving, but some may initially cause concern, particularly because they are quite different to what you have come to accept, and because some are similar to other less trusted forms of rule. While we are still very open to ideas, at present and until we are convinced otherwise, we feel that these policies are necessary to achieving Egalitarianism as well as many other social, economic, and environmental benefits. We hope that by reading these pages, you will begin to see why Egalitarianism is sensible, rational, and fair, particularly when compared to capitalism and other forms of elitism. If you are still not convinced by what you read here, or have reasons for why you believe that these policies won't achieve Egalitarianism or any of the many other benefits, or if you believe that they are not beneficial for you or your society, let us know. Only then can we answer or respond to these concerns further. This is part of the education process.    

We sincerely believe that once you have experienced the AEM's version of Egalitarianism, you'll never leave it, or return to capitalism.  

The AEM's Egalitarianism

The AEM's Egalitarian Economy

The AEM's Sociological Perspective

The Prevention of Corruption, Overcharging, Black-Markets, Stealing Money, Blackmail, Confidence Artists, Protection Rackets, Organized Crime, Rip-Offs, Illegal Immigration, and Black Money

Religious Neutrality/Egalitarianism

A Centralised Administration  

A More Humanised and Supportive Workplace Culture 

Becoming Independent


Everyone is Economically Autonomous

A Greater Representation of Viewpoints

On Trade and the Global Market Place

Going Off the Rails

Also See

This list of our major policies may expand as time goes by. Therefore, it is worth revisiting this web page from time to time to find out more information about what the AEM stands for.  


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