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About the AEM

The AEM formed because our founding members were dismayed to find that there were no organisations within Australia (or elsewhere) that specifically (or even partially) represented Egalitarianism and all that is possible by becoming an Egalitarian society. We felt that this serves to give the false impression that an Egalitarianist is a rare individual, when there are probably millions of us out here. We felt that this lack of representation was in turn serving to make an Egalitarianist a rare individual, and serving to keep Egalitarianists isolated and without a public voice, ensuring that we are unable to influencing the laws, policies, and culture of our society. The AEM, which is currently a non-profit unincorporated association, formed to provide a forum within which Egalitarianists can begin to unite, so that we may eventually provide political representation for we isolated Egalitarianists. Ultimately, the AEM's goal is to change the constitution of Australia to an Egalitarian one by gaining public support via education. This may be some time away as we are not yet a political party. At present, this website, which was created on the 20th of January, 2004, represents our only means of communicating with the public. Since the creation of this website, the size of our membership is slowly increasing, the majority being international members.  

The AEM, to a lesser extent, also represents a different type of democracy, which allows citizens to vote on policies and ideas rather than for the people who proffer these policies or ideas. Also, we allow citizens to vote on each issue separately, rather than to vote for a person or party that represents a wide-spread and diverse package of policies, many of which we do not find out about until after they take office. See why in our 'The Democratic and Undemocratic Nature of the AEM's Egalitarian Society' web page. As with another of our policies for government, anybody is welcome to proffer ideas or challenge the AEM about how to run any aspect of the Egalitarian society. We appreciate your input, and we will always respond.   

While the AEM has proffered a generalised plan for how the Egalitarian society will be administered, the AEM has not yet drawn up an Egalitarian Constitution for Australia. Since we are intending to create something completely new, we are leaving the the discussion open so that anybody may contribute ideas for the Egalitarian Constitution of Australia. When we become a political party, we will draw up a tentative Egalitarian constitution, which will allow the public plenty of time to contemplate and challenge it, and to even cause us to modify it when sensible ideas are proffered. 


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