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On Trade and the Global Marketplace

The AEM has no objection to trade, and it can see that trade can provide benefits for a nation and help create good international relations, particularly with neighbouring countries. However, the AEM does warn against becoming dependent upon trade to survive economically and as a culture because this dependency serves to make a nation extremely vulnerable to international exploitation and political manipulation, and it also serves to make the economy of a nation as unstable as the international price of the commodities that nation exports and imports.

The AEM realises that the global environment is not an Egalitarian one, and that Australia is in economic, political, and often military competition with other nations and powerful international companies. Therefore, the AEM realises that Australia needs to remain just as tenacious within the international marketplace. In fact, Australia has no choice (at least for the present) but to remain committed to trade because it is the only way we are able to ....

  • pay back our foreign debt and the interest accumualyed by this debt.
  • pay for those imported goods that are currently required to sustain our culture (e.g. oil-based products, timber), and
  • buy back Australia from international investors.

However, the AEM has a very different view of globalization. Globalization is not just about economic rationalisation and interdependency, it is also a culture. And as with all cultures, it is shaped by the most powerful members of the (global) community, which means the contemporary culture of globalization is a very western/capitalist culture. Ideally, we in the AEM feel that a culture needs to demonstrate that it has got its act together domestically before it should be allowed to spread beyond it boundaries. According to the AEM, a good culture is measured by its lack of social problems, and the reason that it spreads should be because other nations (not their leaders) are voluntarily choosing it because they can see how good it is. Instead, and as we have seen with colonialisation and other cultural expansions, the capitalist culture is being spread globally by military, economic, and/or political conquest and corruption, which are endemic characteristics of the capitalist culture. Being able to force a culture upon the global community does not mean that it is a good culture, but a dominating culture, which as always is designed to favour the rich and to keep the poor poor. As you know, western/capitalist nations are filled with social problems, which means that capitalist version of globalization is, and will continue to be the cause of widespread social problems on an international scale. As such, the AEM is not so much opposed to globalization as it is with the capitalist culture of globalization. Our ultimate goal is to change the culture of globalization to an Egalitarian one, but this will take many years and many other nations changing to Egalitarianism (because they will be able to see how good the culture is here in an Egalitarian Australia).

Currently, Australia chalks up a trade debt of over $1 billion every month, and often it is over $2 billion. The AEM can stop trade debt easily because we manage every aspect of the society. Therefore, if we choose to, or we need to reduce imports to reduce our trade debt (or our foreign debt), it will be done. That is, we don't waste our time trying to deter people from buying imported items through such methods as increasing import tax. Instead, the AEM Egalitarian government reduces importation on behalf of the nation, and therefore private individuals or managers of businesses are unable to import items without the permission of the state. Currently, governments blame the private sector for this enormous dept, but in the AEM's Egalitarian society, there is always only the government to blame when we spend beyond our means. Therefore, we can assure you that it won't occur because it is very easy not to over spend when the government is the one in charge of importation.


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