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Egalitarianism and Religious Neutrality

The AEM has no affiliations with any religious institutions (or any other types of metaphysical institution) and insists that the state does likewise, and that this be a compulsory requirement of the new Egalitarian constitution (or any other constitution). You are free to believe whatever you want to believe. The AEM government will be happy to provide the services of administration, staff, places of worship, and the full range of media publications and broadcasts to any peaceful religious institutions, which do not preach that social and material stratification are good, and which do not harbour or promote ambitions to overthrow Egalitarianism. These religious institutions will be funded by the consumers/members of each religious institution. But never will the AEM institutionalise anybody's religious beliefs and nor will any laws or policies be based upon anybody's religious beliefs (unless perhaps, if somebody's god does actually show up).

Beliefs will always be beliefs. They will never be facts, but the institutionalisation of religious beliefs is to regard them as facts, and to manipulate people into accepting them as facts. Aside from the fact that to institutionalise a particular religion is not the Egalitarian thing to do, to force others, including non-believers to abide by the rules of one's religion or other metaphysical beliefs is just another form of institutionalised domination, which always serves to benefit certain people in relation to others (e.g. those who represent the religious institution and those people who support the ruling religion). And this prejudice and the public suppression of one's religion (when another religion receives so much public mention and praise) create resentment amongst the members of other religions. And this resentment can manifest itself in many different ways, including extreme and violent confrontations over many generations. While we haven't had too much trouble in Australia yet, the AEM regards the institutionalisation of a particular religion as a forever-lurking recipe for disaster, which need never have existed if our leaders hadn't attempted to religiously dominate the society. Perhaps, one of the motivations for institutionalising a religion in the first place was because certain religious people in power were afraid of another religion becoming institutionalised (which of course, would serve to alter the power structure of the society). In the AEM's metaphysically neutral version of Egalitarianism, you never need to worry about this, one way or the other.

As you might imagine then, the AEM is totally opposed to any type of religious state or form of rule.

Please note that the AEM also rejects the institutionalisation of atheism. This would also contradict an Egalitarian ethic. You might think that to have no religions institutionalised is to institutionalise atheism, but this is not so. To institutionalise atheism would require the same things that we see with the institutionalisation of religions, such as public holidays on famous atheists' birthdays, gift-giving on atheists' day,  atheists running schools and universities, and atheism being continuously promoted by the media and government. The AEM however, is prepared to provide administration, places for the reaffirmation of beliefs, and the full rang of media publications and broadcasts to any peaceful atheists or any other philosophical belief systems, as with religious institutions. These philosophical institutions will also be funded by the consumers/members of each philosophical institution.

However, science is looked upon as one of the few means available to us to determine what is so, and science is at this point in time, extremely atheistic because scientific theory is based upon what can be measured, observed, or experienced, which means that science is based on physical phenomena only. While scientific theories can often be regarded as facts, there are many scientific theories that are yet to be proven, and there are many things that science can't (yet) explain. However, both scientific theories and religious theology, which relate to psychological and social phenomena, have often been regarded as facts by the state when they were/are not, and this has been done both deliberately (for self-interested reasons) and ignorantly. And this is something else that the AEM is committed to avoid. With most controversial issues, the AEM prefers to encourage the state and the citizens to be less positive about such things, and to think more like, "Well, we don't know for sure, but this is what most people and/or scientists regard as being right", or "We don't know for sure, but this is what I think (for these reasons)."

Religious institutions (or any other institutions) will no longer be the collectors of, or the providers of charity. On the domestic front, charity will no longer be required, and on the international front, the AEM government, on behalf of the Australian people, will provide more charity than is currently being given, and you will be given a say about which places in the world, or which humanitarian causes you think this charity should go towards.

You should also be aware that most of the common religions that have been institutionalised do not support Egalitarianism, and are usually highly associated to the ruling class of almost every materially and socially stratified society. In fact, formalized religions actually appear to develop at the same time that materially stratified societies develop, and they are generally believed to be associated with rituals regarding the ownership of land for agriculture. However, if these religions can tolerate Egalitarianism, we can tolerate these religions.


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