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For Those who Believe that the Strong Dominating the Weak is the Natural Order of Things

Those who believe in any form of institutional domination (including economic or political domination) through being the most powerful (including the most economically or politically powerful) or the most successful (including economic or political success), or just because one can dominate the others in whatever way, can have no argument against a very successful and powerful voting majority of 70+% dominating, dominating people to not dominate (including economic or political domination). To complain that your right to dominate is unfairly denied by a bigger and stronger Egalitarian population then, is to complain about being the weak, the losers, the small, and the dominated, and that would make you a hypocrite, wouldn't it?

The attempt to win the competition between capitalism and Egalitarianism by telling people that Egalitarianism is anti-competitive (which is not true) is to try and win the competition without competing.

Always remember, we can be rid of our economic dominators, for ourselves and our descendants, just by voting for it. All we need is somebody to represent this viewpoint at the polls, and that's why the AEM is here.


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