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Egalitarianism -
Why We Can't Accept a Monarchy

The concept of a monarchy or royal family, which supports the institutionalised domination by one group of people over the rest of the society, is in direct conflict with an Egalitarian philosophy.

Therefore, no Egalitarian society would ever allow (someone who claims to be) a monarchy, or a person who represents a monarchy, to hold the office of Head of State or Member of the Government. And this means an Egalitarian Australia will have no choice but to take that other big first step: the step that represents that we are an island unto ourselves, and that we have enough belief in our own intellectual, physical, and economic capabilities to take charge of our own destiny, and to set a different course than that which is being taken by our mother and brother countries. That is, we can no longer be a member of the commonwealth of nations because a requirement for being a member the commonwealth of nations is to accept a monarchy (or a representative of the monarchy) as the Head of State. 

In general, the monarchy represents extremely unacceptable ways of gaining and maintaining power and wealth, such as....

  • military domination and murder (We claim control of the country through war, murder, betrayal, and any other ruthless act that achieves victory),
  • police domination (The police force works on behalf of the monarchy to keep the citizens toothless and oppressed),
  • religious domination (The institutionalisation of specific religions, which support the beliefs and ambitions of the monarchy, and which preach to their members that only the royal family has god's approval to rule),
  • legal domination (Creating laws that only allow the monarchy the legally rule over the society),
  • political domination (Constructing a political system that allows the monarchy to hold the most political power),
  • economic domination (The monarchy and his/her rule family have the right to more wealth than all others, and/or to determine who can own land and/or the means of production),
  • genetic/feudal/class domination (Social and economic power is kept within the family or ruling class through inheritance, which is justified on a genetic basis. That is, we are genetically superior beings, and therefore leadership will be kept in our family. Possessing greater skills or talent is not a legal reason to hold more social or economic power if you are not a member of the ruling class).

....because this is how the royal family did acquire the Kingdom, and these are the things they did to ensure that the power remain within the family.

While the monarchy was forced to hand over the control of the country to a democratically elected government, the monarchy would immediately re-take control of the country if he/she could, and at the first possible opportunity. Just by allowing the royal family to be regarded as such, is to allow them the possibility of returning to power and for all these invalid practices to recommence. 


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