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 How Will You Determine the Value of the Australian Dollar in the AEM's Cashless Egalitarian Society

Using consumer cards instead of cash should not have any affect upon the value of the Australian dollar. The value of the Australian dollar in the AEMís Egalitarian society can be determined in the same ways that it can be determined now (i.e. by the money market or by the government fixing and regulating its value). However, we are not in favour of peoples buying and selling money as means of making money (i.e. gambling on the money market), because it undermines Egalitarianism and also produces no social benefit. Also, we can foresee unfavourable outcomes in a money market for the Australian dollar because it will only ever be influenced by the buying and selling behaviours of devout anti-Egalitarianist non-Australians, who can no longer invest in any Australian money-making ventures. As such, we may revert back to the practice of regulating or fixing the price of the Australian dollar, particularly during the establishment of Egalitarianism. If this is what we end up doing, the regulated value of the dollar will be determined at the time.





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