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 Not Being Able to Own the Things We Rent Will Make it Illegal for the User to Modify or Recreate These Assets

To use your example, the worst thing that would happen to someone who deliberately modified furniture or any other rentable asset without permission is that they would have to pay for the repair, replacement, or devaluation of that furniture or asset. This is a very similar economic outcome that one would experience and accept now within our capitalist society, so it would be difficult to believe that people will reject Egalitarianism for this reason alone.

And if the modification was part of a repair to the furniture or asset, we would probably thank the user. If people feel inspired to modify their old furniture or other assets, as a creative exercise, we are sure that we can cater to this desire without people needing to become creative with the furniture they are actually renting. We are in favour of people making something that is near the end of its life into an ongoing asset. If people wish to recreate furniture to make it more suitable for their purposes, then it is sensible to just rent the appropriate furniture instead of continuing to rent the inappropriate furniture. Also, if you have a particular or uncommon requirement of your furniture, which is not unreasonable, we would probably modify or create something for you. Further, people can apply to modify the furniture they rent, just as they can apply to modify the homes they rent, and we actually offer incentives to encourage people to do so, when we perceive that it is going to increase the value of that asset. And we expect to see a lot of people partaking in this upgrading of all sorts of rentable assets because people will then be able to continue renting the asset at the same cost even though the asset is now higher in value.


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