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 How Does the AEM's Egalitarian Society Deal With The Media? Will It Be Abolished? Are all People, Including Celebrities, Entitled to Privacy?

We can definitely declare that the AEM does not intend to abolish the media. In fact, there will probably be more people working within the media, and many more people gaining access to broadcasting and publications than ever before. While the media will retain its autonomy; as with the culture in general, we intend to improve media services as well as make them more professional. And because they will be more professional, nobody within the Australian media will ever be given an assignment to spy on celebrities, and yes, we do make it illegal for the media to do so. And if someone decided to do it on their own, we wonít be presenting it in any of our broadcasts or publications. Many things in our media today and in society, including spying on celebrities, stem from the individualís quest for money. When one cannot earn big money by doing so, most people will tend to lose their motivation.

Of course, some things will change. Currently, almost all programs, including the news and current affairs programs, are competing for ratings. And higher rating are sort because higher ratings means bigger audiences, which means that advertisers are more willing to pay higher prices to advertise during these programs. So, in an attempt to gain advertisers, news and current affairs programmers tend to report on the types of stories that have successfully seduced audiences in the past. And the private lives of famous people has become one of those types of stories. In the AEM's Egalitarian society, we rarely try to sell you anything, including the programs themselves, including news and current affairs programs. As such you are likely to get real and un-sensationalised news and current affairs programming. Further, many of the popular current affairs stories, such as pensioners and other innocent people being ripped off by insurance companies, banks, or some scam artist; shoddy builders; tenants and landlords from hell, etc, no longer occur within the AEM's Egalitarian society. Also, in our contemporary democratic-capitalist society, news and current affairs programs virtually limit their coverage of political issues to the viewpoints of the two major political parties and perhaps some other affected group. We hope to allow all viewpoints to be aired in our news and current affairs programs. Also, because the state runs all businesses and services, and makes all laws and policies, current affairs programs may tend to focus mainly on what the government is doing and those people challenging what the government is doing.

It cannot be forgotten that the media is a powerful institution: so powerful that it can harass governments and companies and succeed in having them change their rulings or policies: so powerful that they shape our culture to an extraordinary extent. And it cannot be forgotten that within our capitalist society, media and broadcasting companies are another self-interest group fighting to make as big as profit as they can. Therefore, in our capitalist society, broadcasting companies are one of the major driving forces supporting and institutionalising capitalism, and one of the major driving forces in shaping the culture in general. And powerful media magnates are known to support certain political organisations. As such, we always have reason to distrust media companies' impartiality when reporting on political issues, and we never get to even know about the viewpoints of people the media doesn't support, which is why you never hear from any Egalitarianists. We not only intend to provide a broader coverage of every issue, we actually provide programs that are specifically designed to allow people to have their say so that they can attempt to gain public support.   


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