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 Will Spending be Limited within the AEM's Egalitarian Society

Generally, spending wonít be limited anymore than it is now, although we are very happy when people spend less and we encourage this in a number of ways. And because the contemporary elite members of our society are allowed to keep their wealth, they too can continue spending as they did before. Generally however, full-time workers will be able to afford all the things that the members of government can, and you can be sure that the members of government are not going to give themselves or their children an economically hard life, which means life wonít become economically hard for any other full-time workers. We do however, unlike in our contemporary society, have the ability to deliberately limit spending on certain commodities if it is deemed to be in the publicís best interest to do so (eg. we can limit spending on imported items so that we donít produce trade deficits), or if people have trouble limiting their own spending on certain products or services (e.g. alcohol, shoes), but I donít think this is the type of limited spending you were referring to.





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