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How Are Elitist Political Parties Handled within the AEM's Egalitarian Society?

If you read ‘What the AEM is Tentatively Proposing’, which is located in the last section of our ‘The Democratic and Undemocratic Nature of the AEM's Egalitarian Society’ web page, amongst other things, you will see that there are no political parties in the AEM’s Egalitarian society. There are individuals and lobby groups, who are provided with representation and a public voice, and who lobby the government and the society in an attempt to gain support for their ideas. This is one of the ways in which laws and policies are created and changed. The idea is that people vote on issues rather than for people or parties. We do allow elitists to have a voice and representation, but feel confident that once people experience Egalitarianism, they will never return to capitalism or any other form of elitism. Also, because we believe that we can defeat their arguments, we are more than happy to bring them out in the open because we want people to see why their arguments are not sound. We feel sure that the size of such groups will diminish as time goes by because once people have lived within a successful Egalitarian society for awhile, it will tend to become obvious to most people that higher wages and elitism in general, are forms of corruption, and most people will know that they do not want a return to a corrupt constitution and society.




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