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Having No Cash and No Credit Schemes may be Unpopular Policies because People Like Giving and Receiving Cash, and People May Need to Borrow Money, Especially If They Exhaust Their Savings

You are quite right in suggesting that many people may not initially like the idea of not being able to give or receive money within our cashless society. But our goal is to achieve and maintain Egalitarianism, and unfortunately having free cash floating around within the society (and particularly within businesses) allows for bribery, black markets, and corruption, and therefore Egalitarianism could not be maintained, and nor would we be able to stop the reproduction of other social problems such as heroin addiction, stealing money, gambling, and organised crime. As such the cashless society is currently perceived by the AEM as a major condition to achieving Egalitarianism and solving many social problems. We are still very open to ideas however, but you will need to explain how having cash will not end up in disaster. Also, while some people may grumble about it at first, we can't think of any examples of when not being able to give or receive gifts of money would cause some sort of tragedy, whereas allowing cash to be freely available within the society causes many tragedies. We already suspect that a cashless society is not yet popular, just as we know that Egalitarianism isnít yet popular, but this will never be a reason for us to do what we know is doomed to fail, just so that we will be more popular. Therefore, our job must be to change peopleís values and beliefs associated with many characteristics of our contemporary capitalist culture, including cash. We hope that through education and debate, people will start to realise that every policy we put forward is possible and more rational that what we are doing now. And if we fail to change peoplesí values and beliefs, our society is doomed to reproduce the same problems over and over again.

People will still be able to save/accumulate money for a rainy day or for when some expensive emergency comes along (not that these reasons will be necessary within the AEMís Egalitarian society), just as people do now. Further, because oneís savings go back to the state when one dies, the state has good reason to encourage people to save, and some things people will still need to save up for (eg. oversees holidays, elective surgery) because services are usually non-returnable and they are therefore not rentable.

Also, one cannot overspend in the AEM's Egalitarian society because one can only overspend if one has credit available to one, and credit is not available to anyone. Therefore, one can only spend what one has, and no more. And in a few days time, oneís bank account will be replenished with more money to spend. You might suggest that people may spend all they have on the first day of the week on something (eg. alcohol, dating, clothes), and therefore have no money left for food and rent, but this is not a problem either. We already deduct such expenses from your wage before you receive it, which means that all of the money that is deposited in your bank account is savings and can be squandered each week (if you are silly enough to do this), and you will never need to worry about going without food, shelter, and other essential things (eg. healthcare, transport). However, after saying all this, perhaps you are right. Perhaps time will tell that some people do need a loan for something important, and if it is important, the state providing loans is not out of the question, as it doesnít appear to affect the maintenance of Egalitarianism. We have no problem with people being economically disadvantaged for some time and to some extent, if they are paying back a loan. Temporary economic disadvantages will already occur within the AEMís Egalitarian society when for example, one is paying off a fine, one has an expensive hobby, one chooses to work less hours, or when one starts a family. Also, if you read our ĎThe Installation of the AEM's Egalitarian Constitution will be Relatively Painless for Everybodyí web page, you will also see that when we first begin to install the AEMís Egalitarian constitution, many people who were paying off loans when capitalism ended can choose to continue paying off their loans to state in order to own that asset.


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