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Egalitarianism -
The Prevention of Corruption, Overcharging, Black-Markets, Stealing Money, Blackmail, Confidence Artists, Protection Rackets, Organised Crime, Rip-Offs, Illegal Immigration, and Black Money

Within our contemporary capitalist culture, the endless need for money, the need to get ahead, the desire to be rich, the need to think about one's future, the availability of people with spare cash, and the fact that everyone has to economically fend for themselves serves to create an array of social problems (as listed in the title of this web page).

To stop these social problems, the AEM has three strategies, aside from being an Egalitarian society.

  1. We remove all cash from the society, and instead provide everybody with a consumer card, with which we buy or rent everything. Other than the federal treasury, nobody can add money to your consumer card account, which makes it impossible to transfer money from one person's account into another.
  2. Because the Egalitarian state owns all businesses, and because only the treasury can deposit money into your account, everybody can only buy or rent from the state (by using their consumer cards), and everyone can only sell to, or stop renting from the state.
  3. Nobody can acquire money other than by working for it (unless one is receiving social security). Therefore, there is no credit system, no interest on savings, no investment schemes, no gambling, and no inheritance (See our 'The Capitalist Scam' (Part 1) page for an explanation about why we regard inheritance as a form of corruption that serves to keep rich families rich, and poor families poor, and also why it is inappropriate within a capitalist society). In an Egalitarian society, these money-making quests will not be necessary.

These three strategies make it impossible for anybody to receive money from anybody else or to give money to anybody else, which makes it impossible for anybody to....

  • blackmail individuals for money, 
  • corrupt individuals or governments with money, 
  • operate black-markets, 
  • receive protection money, 
  • operate organised crime, 
  • sell illegal drugs and other contraband, 
  • gamble for money, 
  • remain in the country unseen as an illegal immigrant,
  • operate slave prostitution rackets,
  • swindle people, and 
  • earn black money (i.e. earnings that are not declared).

It also makes it impossible to steal money, and even if one could steal cash, there are no businesses that accept cash, which makes cash useless and worthless within the AEM's Egalitarian society. 

If you have read our 'The Installation of the AEM's Egalitarian Constitution will be Relatively Painless for Everybody' web page, you will also be aware that the state intends to provide addicts of illegal drugs with their substances, so that the illegal drug trade can't operate and continue to develop further (so all existing addicts can breath a sigh of relief).

Further, within our current capitalist culture, there are many people running scams, overcharging, selling shoddy or substandard products and services, and charging people for things that don't need fixing. And more often than not, it is left up to the individual to pay for legal services in an attempt to recoup one's loses, which is why many people are deterred from doing so, especially when they have no guarantee that they are going to win their legal battle. First, in the AEM's Egalitarian society, there is no incentive for anyone to overcharge anybody anymore, or to make people pay for repairs that they don't need, because one will receive the same pay no matter how much one charges, repairs, or replaces. Secondly, should these practices still occur to some extent, it is the state that will be ripped-off and not the individual because most re-usable items are owned by the state and only rented by individuals. Therefore, it would be the state who needs to take legal action, not the individual. Thirdly, all products and services, along with the materials needed, are provided by the state, which means that there is no incentive for those workers who provide these services to cut corners or to skimp on materials in an attempt to reduce their costs, because it is not their cost to bare. Also, the state has no incentive to rip you off either because if you are being ripped off, then so is the Head of State, the Leader of the Government, their families, and everybody else, because everybody has to pay the same prices that you do, while receiving the same wage that you do.

Because the state is able to deduct money for our expenses from our bank accounts, it becomes impossible to renege on one economic commitment to such thing as raising a child or paying off a fine.

Another source of economic heartbreak within our capitalist society, which is often responsible for average people losing tens of thousands of dollars, is created by the endless quest to get ahead and the need to think ahead in relation to being economically comfortable in one's old age. These schemes are all about making money from money,  which is why they usually serve to advantage people who are wealthy (i.e. the more money one possesses, the more money one can make from that money, which is why these schemes were devised). Such schemes include, receiving interest on your savings, superannuation schemes, investing your money in the share market, the futures market, or some other (often high-risk) venture or business. In the AEM's Egalitarian society, getting ahead and worrying about your economic future become redundant issues. That is, we don't want you to possess more wealth than other people, and we take as much care of you in your old age as we do with the Head of State in his/her old age. Therefore, there is no need for people to get ahead and therefore, there is no reason to invest money in anything, and the state doesn't need for you to invest in anything. As such, these schemes will no longer be available. And this is why we make it impossible for anybody to make money from money, or to acquire money in any other way, other than by working for the state. And by only possessing a consumer card, and because one can only buy or rent from the state, it is impossible to make money from money no matter what one does. And because you no longer need to concern yourself with these money issues, you will no longer need inheritance. Last, but not least, these schemes are another thriving source of money/property crime, and these crimes can also occur no longer.

How easy was that to stop these social problems that are endemic within our capitalist society? Not only that, we stop all these social problems for next to nothing, and save the country billions of dollars each year, and we also save $20 - $30 Billion (after tax), which is the profit that the banking and finance industries suck from Australians each year.

In the AEM's Egalitarian society, you will never need to waste any more of your time, brains, and energy plotting and scheming about how to acquire more money, and neither will those people who would otherwise be prepared to be unscrupulous and/or ruthless. You will no longer be fighting to survive in our civil economic war (i.e. we have reached civil economic peacetime).

Also, having no taxes stops tax fraud and the need for a personal accountant and the entire tax department.


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